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Friday, September 17, 2004

Lost and Found


With Bhagawan miracles repeat again and again.

I was in the office today. It was around 1:00 pm and many were preparing to leave for their lunch.

I heard Mr.C (real name hidden), my colleague and friend in the office saying little loudly to Mr.V(real name hidden) , another colleague to lodge a police complaint about the loss of mobile phone instrument so that it can be a lesson for the future.

I went near C to enquire what happened and came to know that V just lost, a couple of minutes ago, a valuable and costly mobile phone. It cost Dh.1600 and a costly model. The loss has taken place in the office and this was not the first time that people lose their mobile phones due to their carelessness. Generally the disappeared mobile phone never traced out. Of course, it is a shameful matter that mobile phone disappears in the office.

I called V and asked him how he happened to lose it and enquire about when he last used the phone and what all he did after the phone call. He was not clearly remembering where he could have misplaced the mobile phone and it has happened just a few minutes ago. He was quite disturbed, though he was trying to pose cool.

After talking to me, he went back to his place to search for the phone again and I saw him making enquiries with others as well.

I was standing at a distance and something in me told me that I should help him find his mobile phone. I also noticed that a few thoughts were also disturbing me telling me that after all, V may not believe the method that I am about to suggest to recover his lost mobile and after all it was his fate that he had to lose it today. May be, what if after I suggest him something, the mobile is not traced at all, then I could look ridiculous.

So, there was a mind tussle going in me about the pros and cons of suggesting anything at all to him about his lost mobile phone instrument.

All along, I continued to notice that he was searching for the mobile everywhere and making calls to others to find out where he could have possibly left the mobile.

At that point in time, I was able to feel a strong urge in me – it is difficult to explain that urge – which told me that I am the one going to help him recover his mobile through divine powers. I saw me calling V once again and he came to me. I told him to sit in the nearby place and he obeyed. There was C and S (another colleague of mine) by my side. I told V that we are going to pray and help him find his mobile. We all sat for the prayer. I saw me closing my eyes and going into a deep state where there was absolute quietness. From that state, I some how knew that his mobile is not lost and that he will get back immediately. It was a few minutes before I opened my eyes and I saw V attending a phone call rather than praying for recovery of his mobile phone. Of course, he came back and sat and I saw him closing his eyes. When he opened his eyes, I told him that his mobile is not lost and he will get it any time.

The next thing I knew was only when I saw V coming back to our place in the next few couple of minutes with the mobile in his hand stating that one another colleague had taken it from his place and that the colleague returned the mobile. I do not know what really transpired (rather I was not even keen), but the fact remained that he got back the mobile.

May be it was his frustration or anger over the episode, he was just leaving our place without any further word that I had to remind him that he needs to be thankful for recovery of his mobile – not to me, but to the Almighty whose powers only helped in finding his mobile phone. C was more emphatic about the need to be in a gratitude mood for the help God has given him. I am sure V must have felt bad. He thanked me and left the place. Once again, I had to remind that thanks are due to God and not me.

Oh Bhagawan !! How do I express my gratitude to YOU to have shown to me that we are all spiritual people capable of finding solutions to our problems instantaneously with least effort just by only knowing our true SELF and our true nature. Thank you Bhagawan for the insight YOU give us.