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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh, Tenkasi!

I was happy to be back in Tenkasi in Aug, 2012 after a five months' stay in USA. The place is quite cool and windy but very little rains. The forests, hills and greenery are all slowly disappearing in and around Tenkasi and Courtallam. While they still last, I thought I would take a few pictures and the scenery is still breath-taking. I am sharing a few here. Look at those Banyan trees. When they are felled, it might take several decades before another Banyan tree grows. Look at those rocks. They are barren in most places. What happened to the rain forests? Construction is coming up everywhere pushing the greenery to the background or to nowhere. Roads are full of vehicles and pedestrians are missing. God save Courtallam and Tenkasi!