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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"What If Our Dreams Come True!" - my new novel

I am happy that my novel: What If Our Dreams Come True! - An uncommon meeting with Lord Siva has just been self-published on and is available for buying for online reading - special price for Indian readers. It took nearly two years for me to ready this book for publishing. This novel took me to a number of small villages, towns, pilgrim centers for gaining firsthand information about the places along the holy Tamirabarani river, and also to several books about Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu in India, and several write-ups on the internet and the blogs. I am especially thankful to Wikipedia for the exhaustive information on any subject, for your asking. I was also influenced by the strong convictions of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, who had the moral and spiritual power of mobilizing people towards Freedom for India. I was also influenced by reading books of Thomas Friedman, Shashi Tharoor, The Autobiography of Yogi Yogahamsa Paramanand, Neale Donald Walsch, Translated works of Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai on Upanishads and the likes. More than anything else, I was tremendously influenced by the great teachings of Sri Amma Bhagawan in Southern India, who gave me an entirely different view of life and continue to guide me as my Antaryamins.

Now, the book is in the hands of the readers like you to pass their judgments on my work.

To tell briefly about the book.....

"Poorna Chandran, or Poornam in short, has a rare dream wherein Lord Siva appears before him and offers to cure his acute stomach pain on a condition that Poornam meets with HIM in seven of HIS places. His stomach pain disappears instantly. The local astrologer cautions Poornam not to take Lord Siva's conditions lightly and suggests seven of HIS abodes along the river Tamirabarani, in the Southern Tamil Nadu in India. Thus begins Poornam's journey into his life full of miracles, challenges, hurdles and achievements and most importantly, an uncommon meeting with LORD SIVA.

Poornam dies watching himself on the television, when an international news channel decides to tell his story to the world."

This book is a story of stories of people who came together for a shared destiny. "Did Lord Siva send HIS army of people in my life towards HIS purpose? wonders Poornam.