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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why was I missing from my blog for the past few months?

Some of you, who had been following me on my blog could be wondering why I had not been seen in my blog during the last few months. My last post was on 23rd August, 2018 on the day I was leaving USA to India, yet another time.

I had been noticing that on an average, about 50 to 60 page views were there for every one of my posts to my blog in the past. However, what I missed was the views/criticisms/comments from those who read my blogs – even though, I have allowed comments to my posts to my blog. I still wonder whether really people read my blog, and if so, why there are no comments from any of them.

That shifted my focus to Facebook, where I know how many viewers like my posts, how many comment on my post, and what their views are on my posts.

A writer feels motivated when he sees response to his writings – either in the form of sale of his or her book or acceptance of an article for publication or comments/mails from the readers. In the absence of them, there is very little motivation to write.

So, I would exhort all those who follow my blog and read my posts to offer their comments so that I know how I am being rated by my readers.

Nevertheless, there were a few personal issues that demanded my personal attention and they didn’t allow me to spend sizeable chunk of my time on my writing. I am sure things would improve in the near future so that I am able to devote more time to writing.

So, please tell me what you feel about what I write and post in my blog.

9 debates for 2019 across politics, business, culture, sports and society

9 debates for 2019 across politics, business, culture, sports and society

As the year 2018 is nearing its end and as we face the New Year, what could be the main focus of our significant debates?

There is an interesting write-up from Economic Times of 30.12.18. The write-up describes the following 9 important debates that could rule during 2019: 
                             1.     Modi Vs No to Modi
                                   2.       Cricket Vs Other Sports
                                   3.       Scale Vs Profits
                                   4.       States Vs Union
                                   5.       Growth Vs Jobs
                                   6.       Disconnect Vs Deeper
                                   7.       Ambani Vs Amazon
                                   8.       More equal Vs Less equal
                                   9.       Netflix Vs Novel
In my personal opinion, for the Aam Admi the following could be the most critical debates:
                                   1.       Modi Vs No to Modi
                                   2.       Growth Vs Jobs
                                   3.       Agriculture Vs Industries
                                   4.       Freebies Vs Welfare measures
                                   5.       Native culture Vs Predators
                                   6.       Knowledge Vs Skill
                                   7.       Secularism (or pseudo-secularism) Vs Hindutva (or Majority Vs Minorities)
                                   8.       Fight Vs Tolerating Corruption
                                   9.       Nationalism Vs Regionalism

 So, what do you think?