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Friday, December 26, 2008

About people who greatly inspired me: Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins

About the writings of Neale Donald Walsch:

A client of mine mentioned about CWG (Conversation with God) book -written by Neale Donald Walsch - sometime in late 1990s. It was not until around 2001 or 2002 that I managed a copy of CWG Part I. He had written three volumes in this series. The book is organized as a series of questions posed to God by Walsch and God answering him. This became his conversation with God. Before he got initiated into his now famous conversation with God, Walsch narrates how he had a difficult time in his life, how many of his efforts did not yield results to him, how his health deteriorated, how he lived in brinks of poverty etc.. etc.. and finally in all his frustration throws away his yellow pad to some corner ... and remains blank looking at the sad...frustrated.... and when suddenly he starts receiving answers from God for his vexing questions ....when he regains his pad and starts writing, even as the answers from God keep flowing to him. The answers reach him clearly and he has no doubt that they come from HIM.

In the first volume he poses several questions to God and the questions relate mostly to problems of our day to day life – why we are not able to maintain good health, why we stay poor and why Lady Luck is not turning our side, why we are unable to succeed, why certain ill-fate keep visiting us repeatedly, why we are unable to maintain our important relationships, is sex and marriage important, why we are unable to love people, why do we have fear, hate, greed, jealousy and other similar emotions, are gods partial and a host of similar issues that keep nagging us everyday and where we don't get a convincing answer from any corner. The answers to these questions run into second part of the book too. In the final volume III, larger issues like education, child rearing and parenting, global conflicts, human consciousness, global communities, extra-terrestrial intelligence, universal energy and force, global villages, incarnations etc are discussed with God.

I may not have correctly chronologized the contents of the three volumes, but broadly they are the topics on which he discusses with God. The answers from God are candid and forthright.

When I initially started reading this book, I couldn't stop comparing notes with what my Bhagavan had taught me and I couldn't help concluding great thinking arrive from the same Source. “Even before you ask me a question, I had answered; but the problem is 'do you take notice?'” is one of God's powerful answers. “I would be powerless god if I had allowed something to exist without my sanction – that includes devil too.” is another powerful declaration from God. “Why, do you think gods cannot be humorous?” an extraordinary view. There are many such forceful and powerful statements and declarations from God.

I now believe that the answers for our various questions are already inpregnated somewhere 'there' and one has to only draw from it. That is how, almost same and similar declarations had been made by Lord Buddha, Jesus The Christ, Prophet Mohamed, Lord Krishna and many other people of Higher Consciousness. Even in scientific world, the same revelations keep happening to more than one scientist simultaneously though they were very little in touch with each other. Wisdom is universal.

I hear and read that in ancient days, several thousand years back, people talked to Nature for their needs and Nature readily obliged them. They could bring rains, cure diseases, protect agriculture and cattle. Stories are abound in all religions, in all societies, in all communities all over the world about such supernatural happenings because people could talk to gods.

In Indian traditions, there are plenty of mythological stories about people who just walked into god's abode, asked boon, demanded things, dared them. Everytime God did respond and they knew it. God cannot but deny when demanded by his 'Bhaktha' as He is 'Bhaktha Paraadheena'. His answer comes in the form of a vision, a voice, a dream, an apparition, an expected chance revelation, an intuition, a message from deep within, a sudden body movement, a sensation, and some people knew that it was His way of answering. Communication need not only be by way of a letter, e-mail, a phone call, personal face to face discussion. Communication between two need not be just spoken or written words. Experts on communication today would agree. Communication is transfer of information from a transferor to a transferee using a medium in which the communicated message is understood by both the sender and receiver.

Only after reading the CWG, I ever realized that such conversations do take place for many, but rarely noticed. It had happened to me too, like it could have happened to anybody else. It keeps happening to me. The only difference is that now I notice that such a conversation is taking place. And I also know that He is responding.

It is my personal belief now that Conversations or dialogues – remember it is not a monologue – can take place three forms. It could be a praise for God; “The more you send your prayers on His blessings, the more He showers on you,” says Joel Osteen, the Spiritual Speaker from Texas. It could take the form of a prayer; “Prayer has to come from your heart and not from your head. One must pray from a state of helplessness. One must have a close bondage with the Lord – may be a father, mother, a friend, a master.” says Sri Amma Bhagavan. Or a conversation may be meditating on HIM. Even silence could be a powerful form of conversation and may be the most effective one. Have we not noticed when someone very close to us, – may be our father, mother, a good friend – when they are silent, we understand what they mean. One can discern what silence means.

God answers very clearly and convincingly various questions from Walsch and through Walsch, He addresses everyone who seek answers for their questions. Exercising your mind, you may not agree with the answers. You don't have to. But they are still answers from God. It is up to us to listen to HIM. How many times, we all know for sure, we had been ignoring the answers from God?

The style, the coherence, the lucidity, the flow, the logic,, the arrangement of questions and the answers, the smooth flow between questions back and forth, the humor, the play and pun with some words and expressions in the Triology are all excellent and provokes a reader to contemplate. When you read these books purposefully, the least it does for you is you become aware. Awareness itself solves many problems. “ To See is to be to be Free.”

Other than Walsch's CWG triology series, his other works on “Friendship with God,” “Communion with God,” “Home with God” deserve equal and every praise. I would like to make particular mention about “Home with God” where God answers his questions on life after death. Almost same time, I was reading another book “Life after Death” by Dr.Deepak Chopra. The treatment in both books are different, but essentially contents - the ideas on life after death - are similar. The idea that “Birth is death and death is birth” struck me and for the first time, I felt comfortable with the idea of my death. Fear of death is the worst of our fears and very sub-conscious. Our reactions to many happenings in our life are based on this fundamental fear of death, though we do not recognize it and we do not accept it. We are scared to death by our fear of death. Both these books give us a reassurance that death is probably the most happy thing that can happen to us. The step by step narration of what happens after death– the soul's journey 'upwards' through a kind of tunnel, getting a life review, meeting our loved ones who are waiting to receive us, getting in touch with the Source, deciding what it desires to do and beginning the whole thing 'life' again – by Walsch is captivating and engrossing. Dr.Chopra coming from Eastern thoughts, takes cue from Upanishad on the basis of the story of Nachiket, a young boy daring Lord Yama (the Lord of Time and Death) to clarify to him the secrets of life after death and describes the process in his usual poetic and philosophic style.

Sri Bhagavan had given me the same message when I happened to attend a few spiritual programs. Now at age sixty, I have already put up a permanent 'Welcome Arch' gladly for Lord Yama to take over me whenever he desires, knowing that He has already agreed on for me 'a-long-time-to-go-yet', to help me fulfil some of my life-time dreams.

If Sri Bhagavan opened up the treasures of spiritual experiences to me, Walsh opened up the path to storing an understanding of the spiritual process that happens to everyone. As someone said, “We are all not just human being having spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having human experience.” I believe very strongly in this statement now. While reading Walsch helps a better understanding, my association with Sri Bhagavan helped me know them as Truth.

The statement by one of the main characters in a Shakespearean play that there are more things on heaven and earth that we do not understand is still true today. We have not come anywhere near the stage where we can proclaim that we have understood everything. “Everything in this creation cannot be understood; an enlightened person knows this.” But science will continue to struggle to know everything. That is the greatness of human spirit.

About the writings of Dr.Deepak Chopra

I came to know about the writings of Dr.Deepak Chopra only sometime in 2001. When I was in USA in late 2002, I had the initial opportunity to borrow his books from the library. The first ever book I read written by Dr.Chopra was 'Quantum Healing' and I was floored reading it. And I went on to read 'Ageless Body and Timeless Mind,' 'Creating Affluence'. I completed reading these books feverishly in a month's time or so. I also listened to his tape on 'Creating Affluence.'

As a devotee of Sri Amma Bhagavan, I was already blessed for spiritual healing and I had seen the miracles of spiritual healing happening in many places. I was already convinced of our mind's role and one's predisposition to becoming sick or getting cured. I was also aware of placebo effects in curing diseases. I have faith in Indian Ayurvedic approach to treatment, where focus on natural elements of which we are all made up of, is an essential element of treatment process. I have heard of stories of people getting relief from alternative medicinal systems including Reiki healing.

When presented with a scientific approach to 'Mind-Body medicine' by Dr.Chopra my earlier convictions on diseases and cure now got a rational base. I could clearly discern the role of our awareness and consciousness, faith and beliefs, meditative practices, even our relationship with objects and people having substantive role in the healing process.

Subsequently, I heard about Sylva Jose techniques in 'mind control' and alpha states of mind and using these techniques for fulfilment of our desires, curing diseases and a gourmet of issues. Having read and understood Sylva Jose techniques, I became a practitioner myself with great success.

Later on, I read Dr.Chopra's books, 'How to Know God?' ' Seven Spiritual Laws for Success,' 'Life After Death,' 'Peace is the Way' and one or two other titles. In all his books I found the underlying theme: 'Finding our connectivity to the Source'. As I read his books, I became more and more aware of myself, watching diligently what goes on in my head. And, such an awareness is slowly helping me in my day to day dealing with others, the way I can choose to respond to situations and people, help myself heal and create an understanding of this 'Field of All Possibilities.'

The writings of Neale Donald Walsh and Dr.Deepak Chopra impacted me so much; I own a copy of most of their books and do not hesitate to read them again and again. Each time I read, my clarity expands and I feel closer to the Source.

About the writings of Anthony Robbins

If the writings of Walsch and Dr.Chopra gave me a spiritual understanding of several issues, “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giants Within” written by Anthony Robbins gave me enough practical lessons to learn to be successful when I was distressed most.

We all have immense potential inside; we have to only know it. We live in a field of all possibilities and infinite potential; we have to only harness it.

Our desires are our driving force. Our belief that we will reach our goals will sustain us in the process. And, our expectations – the image of the outcome of our efforts – will take us closer to our goals. They are the main ingredients of our faith.

And, there are many more people, who influenced and shaped my thinking and actions, in my life and I owe them a lot; I must make a special mention about my manager when I was working in a Middle East company as a consultant. He is a great motivational speaker, guide and pragmatist and for the first time, I learnt from him how fulfilment of my materialistic aspirations can help me in my spiritual goals. He will say 'Whether you are happy or not today depend on what you did yesterday and what you do now will decide whether you are destined to be happy or not tomorrw.' 'Do not simply pity people, empathise with them.' 'If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.' They are some of the very forceful and hard-hitting statements I learnt from him. I used to enjoy his periodical workshops and practical guidance in selling and their spiritual content.

In retrospect, I now realize how almost everyone whom I had come across at various stages of my life had directly or indirectly helped me in knowing myself, knowing what I am and who I am and the greatest challenge I had always felt was to rise above myself and all that I was and I am.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

About Sri Amma Bhagavan

I became a devotee of Sri Amma Bhagavan sometime in 1998 when I was working in Middle East. In fact, even my becoming His devotee happened by accident. Or, was it part of His grand design? To me it appears it must be the latter. I happened to be with a relative of mine when a financial consultant met him at his office to discuss some investment proposals. Strangely, much to our surprise, the person who came to my relative's place, started talking about Sri Bhagavan at length as though that was the agenda of his meeting with my relative. He talked with great conviction about Sri Bhagavan and the miracles that were happening in people's life when they were around Bhagavan. I did not tend to believe all those stories and vehemently questioned him, albeit, my relative was quieter and in a listening mode. Subsequently when I happened to join the same financial consultancy firm in the next three months, I was in closer contact with this gentleman who talked to me about Sri Bhagavan from time to time and used to invite me for the regular spiritual gatherings he was organizing every week end.

Initially, I started attending these gatherings usually known as 'Satsang' conducted by him purely out of my interest in devotional singing. However, gradually I got drawn into Bhagavan. And that was the beginning of major changes in my life that continue even today.

I attended a number of spiritual programs - conducted by Sri Bhagavan's direct disciples - that started giving me better clarity to life and its various aspects. As many changes occured wtihin me, I began experiencing changes outside too. To name only a few:

  1. I learnt the importance of relationship and of how rectifying our relationship paves way for prosperity and peace for people. Bhagavan emphasized that the least one can do is to keep the relationship with parents, wife and children in order. I learnt the importance of forgiving people and seeking genuine forgiving from others.

  2. I learnt that my problems are related to how I perceive my situation and they have nothing to do with the situation per se. Our perceptions make all the difference. When this lesson became a part of my truth – there is no such thing as absolute truth; everything is relative – things changed for good for me with very little effort on my part. Everything dependently arise and dependently cease.

  3. “You see, you become free.” We all want to be something and we are sad that we are something else and not what we want to be. The conflict begins from here. As we grow more and more in our awareness of what is inside us, our very act of seeing and becoming aware of what we are, set us free. I started feeling less constricted in my approach to life.

  4. Our consciousness is responsible for the way we feel about things in life. Higher the consciousness, greater is the feeling of freedom and joy.

I can list many more. Suffice is to say that as many internal changes started happening to me ever since I came into association with Sri Bhagavan, my external world changed spontaneously. I started attracting business and wealth and I became very prosperous in material terms. Becoming successful looked to be quite natural and the only limiting factor was myself and what I had in my mind. He blessed us with auspecious happenings in our life even while our awareness was getting the right shift gradually. We started living more in the present moment rather than being controlled by eternal fear, anxiety and concern for things based on memories of past experiences and expectations about future. We seemed to attract all sacred and prosperous things naturally. We realized that talking to God and His responding to us are natural phenomenon happening to everyone though only very few notice it. Mystical experiences and miracles kept happening from time to time and we felt secured in His presence and blessings.

Sri Bhagavan is focusing on bringing about a shift in man's awareness and consciousness to bring in peace and prosperity in the world.

'Enlightenment is something man cannot achieve on his own; he has to be given,' says Sri Bhagavan. His is a movement in awareness and consciousness aiming to achieve 'causeless love and limitless joy' among one and everybody.

In Sri Bhagavan's Oneness Univercity campus at Varadhaiyapalam, Chittor Dt, Andhra Pradesh (about 75 kms from Chennai, the capital of the State of Tamilnadu in India), the Spiritual Guides, commonly addressed as 'Dasaji' with reverence) conduct programs that help participants identify and remove any childhood traumas and illogical decisions, limiting beliefs and problems relating to our ego that subconsciously control life drama. Sri Amma Bhagavan's temple in Nemam, another campus at about 25 kms from Chennai hold rituals like poojas, homas (fire rituals), prayers to help people solve their chronic ailments, problems and sufferings and bring people closer to God. With the recent consecration of the Enlightenment Temple or what is popularly called 'The Golden City' by Bhagavan's devotees, at Batlavallam again close to Varadhaiyapalam, Andhra , people now have a means to experiencing divine energy and higher consciousness as a blessing from Sri Amma Bhagavan. This is done by a unique ritual called 'Deeksha' which means blessing. These Deekshas have brought great relief to many suffering people.

Besides, people who attend certain levels of the programs conducted by them are shown and taught the inner power of giving and receiving Deeksha and thus there are thousands of Deeksha Givers or Divine Blessers who become an instrument or a medium for bringing happiness in the lives of others. This is a great benediction of Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Sri Amma Bhagavan's followers are spread all over the world and the numbers are ever increasing exponentially. Miracles are a way of life in many devotees' homes.

With Sri Bhagavan's efforts, setting his goals towards enlightenment of the entire humanity for alleviating human suffering, the time is not very far when every human being will be prosperous and happy – happy by themselves and not requiring an external stimulation to find happiness, knowing that man is Happiness by himself.

One has to only experience Sri Amma Bhagavan to know the Truth. My gratitudes to Them for all the good that I enjoy.

There are a few websites that give more information on Sri Amma Bhagavan and about the power of Deekshas. I am a Deeksha giver and practice spiritual healing. I keep visiting USA from time to time.

(This is part of my series on 'My Interests in Spiritualism' and on 'People who brought about great changes in me' that I propose to be publishing in my

Saturday, December 13, 2008

On Creation - Once again

God reveals again to me. He never reveals everything all at once and that seems to be His promise.

Today, I woke up to a dream. Though unconnected, I also got an apparition.

The message: You can create your success consciously. But, alas, you are creating your failures unconsciously. Let me explain how you can consciously create your success and then describe how your failures are getting created unconsciously.

And then the message flows:

First let us look at how you can create your success consciously. You see or look at something. Or, hear something and you think of wishing to possess something. It may be a several bedroom bungalow, a nice leather jacket, a trip to an exotic corner of earth or anything else. You suddenly develop a liking for it or the desire gradually grows . The more you think about it, your liking for it strengthens. It becomes a desire. As you surround yourself with anything that is directly or indirectly connected to your desire, and when your every nerve cries out that you want it, your desire turns into your intention. At some point, you become your intention and you become obsessed. That is when your intention potentially can become a reality at the first stage of materialization of desires. Remember, you only create the potential for some reality and it becoming a reality depends on a few other factors too.

For anything to become reality in your external world, it has to become a reality in your inner world. You must see your desire happening without any iota of doubt, in your mind and you enjoy your desire being fulfilled in your inner world.

Good or bad, when your intention is so strong, somehow, you somehow release the organising potential to create your reality. The Universe somehow obliges you. Thus you create your own reality and your own future. You create your future. You have the inner power to create your future and fulfiling your dream.

Carefully analyze how many of your desires got fulfilled, you will understand the truth behind this process. Though sometimes, unexpectedly a few good things too happen to you and there may be a reason for this too.

But, look what really happens.

You are generally so overwhelmed by your previous experiences of your failures and its haunting memories. Your self-doubt applies brakes. It is a kind of vicious cycle. Your doubts creates the potential for failures whose memories creates further self-doubt. But this does not happen by your conscious decision. You do not consciouosly decide to doubt certain outcome. It happens sub-consciously. Most times, whenever you wish for something, the first thing that pops out is your doubt: Am I eligible for this? Can I do this? Will this be too tough for me? Do I deserve this? Can this happen to me?

And you end up in endlesss self-fulfilling prophecy. Your doubts are reinforced by the eventual failure and your failure reinforces your earlier self-predictions: 'Did I not say I won't succeed? Did I not anticipate this?'

So, one has to break this conditioning of self-doubt and making self-fulfilling prophecy to succeed.

After all, life is not all about certainties, but more about uncertainties. And, in this uncertain world, we talk about the probability – probability of certain things happening or not happening.

This is a fundamental truth. Findings of Quantum Physics confirm this. One can only think about the probability of something being over there. But anything is possible. We are in a field of all possibilities.

By practice and conscious learning, we can focus more and more on the possibility of certain things happening to us the way we desire and gradually strengthen the probability of those events happening to us. One can never be so sure. However, everything is possible provided conditions are met.

Happiness lies in the process of life and not in certain outcomes. Success or failure is only in our mind and in our expectations of certain outcome. Can we be happy regardles of outcome? Yes, when we understand that there is some Absolute somewhere witnessing all happening and everything emerges forth from him as His blessings. And when we stay in our Gratitude for all blessings.