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Thursday, July 22, 2004


21st July, 2004
I had been wanting to start writing about some of my experiences and the messages I have in those experiences. I Had always wondered where I could begin. But, it always happens - when you really have the mind, life always conspires to present an opportunity as though it was just waiting for you around the corner.
Thanks to Nattu from Australia and his spirited advice and guidance that I have a web site now where I can write, for others to read and comment.
Where do you think our ears are located? Anyone would answer just as easily …  But do you think only our ears listen and hear….. I think otherwise.
Do you know that you can talk to your body and the various parts of your body listen to you. Just look at this experience. Remember this was not the first time I have experienced this and may surely not be the last time even.
I had severe pain in my legs last night- a kind of nervous pain people get quite often when they strain their legs. May be it was due to my exercising in the last couple of days. The pain was more severe when you lie down. In the normal course, I would have immediately looked for ‘Bengay’ an ointment (thanks to Viji and Bala) – an US product that is quite effective in controlling such pain – or many times I used to be too quick to go for a pain killer tablet. But nowadays, I use a different technique. I talk to my body – specifically that part of the body that aches. So, I talked to my leg and the pain disappeared. I did not feel the pain anymore.
Strange, but it is true. It happened. I closed my eyes. I was quite intent and also was quiet inside. I spoke to my leg as though I just speak to another person. I just make a fervent appeal to my leg. I just tell my leg that it can heal itself so that I do not have to feel the pain. I also assure myself that yes, the pain I experience will not be there anymore. After this conversation – all these things happen even while I was lying down – I just wished the pain away and closed my eyes quietly and I never felt the pain the for the rest of the whole night in my sleep.
Miracle !!!!!
Yes, I trust this can happen to anyone.
It is even possible to talk to another person’s body as well.
The other body responds the same way.
I have tested it – on whom else – only on my wife. It happened yesterday only and again in the night. She complained of severe pain in her both upper hands – similar nervous pain. I just held her one hand with my both hands at the point she experienced pain and I do the same thing – yes, just talk to that hand. It listened. After this talk, I told my wife to just ignore the pain and sleep. I am sure she followed what I told her. She quietly slept without any further complaint of the pain during the rest of the night. I believe the hand listened to my request to heal itself and gave her relief.
I do not know how this works. The feeling of pain goes when you talk.
This, of course, was not the first time I spoke to my body and it heard and obeyed.
May be it has to do something about what we ‘feel’ of a particular situation, experience and about how our mind-brain interprets it. May be there is a disturbance to the physical system and how that is interpreted by our brain or how it is perceived by our mind makes all the difference. May be due to suggestion given to it, the system gives its own response.
Finally- to make our moods lighter - youngsters might definitely tend to agree with me definitely eyes do speak. When your favourite girl or boy is there, you hardly have to speak – the eyes speak for you. ‘Kanngal pesina, karuthorimithom, kaadhal kondom’
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  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Your second piece made wonderful reading and being an experienced healer myself, I can tell you that the power you derived was from a universal force of energy which is available to anyone who desires to use it, for healing purposes. Pranic healing, Reiki etc., stem from this force of energy that is captured by the healer's mind and transmitted through his hands to oneself or to another being.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us and we hope to read some more spiritual happenings of this kind.

  2. Thanks. One of the readers had sent a very positive note on the healing taking place in us when we can talk to our body. I do have a few other experiences as well in the last one or two years and the experiences are all amazing. They all happen spontaneously and without much effort or exercising of our mind. I believe they take place at much more subtle level. I shall write about them soon.

    I should thank Sri Kalki Bhagawan from Southern India for HIS blessings and showing me what we are all capable of. I would need volumes to write on HIM.

  3. Excellent sir. Keep posting such ideas whereby we the youngsters can follow you. Your blog's flow is very nice.