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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


24th Dec,2006

We all create. It might be hard to accept this. But it is true.

We first create everything in our mind before they become reality outside.

Our mind and our body are tools that are given to us to create.

We create what we deeply desire.

When the desire comes out of our mind, what is created also has all the elements, which the mind is associated with.

Initially everything arises as a thought, before it becomes an intention. When we give shape to our intention, sooner or later it becomes reality.

What comes out of our mind depends on what state it was while it intended something. Hence the outcome too has all the ingredients of that state from which the mind intended.

Many times, it is the body that is put to use to create what mind intended. Other times, the universe responds to bring into reality what mind intended.

When we intend from deep inside, 'but out of our mind', then the outcome is always blissful – for what is deep inside knows nothing other than bliss.

Nothing becomes reality overnight, though, many times, it could be instantaneous. It took nearly 14 billion years since the so-called “Big Bang” to reach the state, what we currently see. It was nearly after about 10 billion years from the so-called “Big Bang” that the first life came into being. Everything seems to have begun from ‘nothing’.

No one clearly know what was IT before it became something.

So, when we intend – whatever level from where it happens – it takes its own course before it can become reality – though each intention has the potential to become reality spontaneously.

So, why are we just anxious that our expectations are not becoming reality immediately or according to our plan. We do not know what other plans are in force. We are operating in a field where everyone’s intentions criss-cross, how many of them will co-operate with each other, or fight with each other, we do not know yet.

Whatever you wish to happen in your life, wish them well; intend from the level of soul, that deep-inside phenomenon, for, when you desire and intend from the deep inside, you have the whole cosmos working for you to bring your intention into realty.

Ultimately, when you use a brush, a paint, a canvass, a stand, a model and paint something, the ultimate painting is not the brush, not the paint, not the canvass, not the stand or not the model, but it is, what it was already ‘inside you’. Painting is an outward expression of what you have pictured inside and is your creation.

Yes, We can all create and We are all Creators. We have to only know this. We are no different from the Creator who has created us and by the same argument what we create will not be different from what we are. We are a blissful expression of God, but gifted with free will. We can use our free will the way we want it, the way we choose it. And so, intend well, choose well, express well and create well. Create from your blissful state. All your creations will be blissful.

Oh, Thank God for today’s revelation

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  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    We all mirror each other but in complete ignorance we see our reflection as the other!