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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fall Colors in USA - Nature Plays Host

We all like colors and we would like to be seen and talked about as colorful personalities. Colors attract many and when nature plays host feasting to our eyes, then there can be no limitations. Look at the sky everyday in the early morning and evening. See the colors at dawns and sunsets. No painter on earth had so far been really able to replicate the color effects produced on the sky everyday and everyday, you have a new color combination.

Season changes are quite distinctively noticed in USA unlike in India, especially Southern India where we generally have only three seasons - popularly joked as ' hot, hotter and hottest'. In northern areas of USA and Canada, when the season changes from Summer to Autumn to Winter and back to Spring and Summer, one must really see to believe nature splashing colors.

I would like to make a special mention of the Fall Colors. When Summer is over, before the onset of Winter the tree leaves turn from green to purple to red and fall from the trees until the tree is eventually barren. Nature works so beautifully and rhythmically. It is as though they become aware of the onset of winter when snow will fall, the trees prepare themselves by shedding all its leaves so that they can receive snowfall gracefully. It is nature's way of responding and communicating with other living organizms.

The Fall usually happens during September – October of each year when one sees beautiful fall colors. Besides Spring, this is a season everyone enjoys,. The summer warmth is gone, it is cool but not unbearably cold. It rains from time to time. The weather alternates between bright sun shine to moody and cloudy days. People can go out for pleasant walk and enjoy the cool breeze. People can spend more time on open green areas on fun and games activities.

Somehow by coincidence, in the last several years, I had been visiting USA during the Fall periods and I have been enjoying Fall colors. My camera is loaded with pictures of Fall Colors everytime I visit USA during the Fall. These colors instil in me energy, vigor and enthusiasm and I feel that I am renewing myself too like Nature.

The pictures you see are in Des Plaines City, Chicago, Illinois

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