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Saturday, May 08, 2010

News on Godmen and Gurus

I have no soft corner for Swami Nityananda or for that matter any other Guru or Godmen. Nevertheless, the point to remember is how many of us really know what a spiritual state is. We have only bookish knowledge about spiritualism and we forget that, information with us is not knowing or experiencing. How many of us can really feel the kind of experience Swamy Vivekananda went through when he received enlightenment from Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna or when Yogi Sri Paramahamsa received enlightenment from Yogi Yuktheshwar? History is full of evidences of people having been treated badly when people spoke truth and we celebrate those very same people today as great human beings after they leave earth. Take the case of Lord Jesus Christ. He was crucified for showing love unconditionally to everyone. Take other cases like Galileo or Copernicus who were detained or who were reluctant to make their truth public for fear of retribution. Socrates was forced to take poison for advocating Self Discovery. Even a great genius like Einstein could not initially accept a theory of expanding universe. No one could have challenged and criticized so much Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba like the former editor of the then one of the most popular newspaper groups during 1960s only to note that his entire views got completely reversed at some later point. Religious wars have been waged in the past and continue to be waged over faith. Religious and spiritual leaders are attacked in all religions in all societies by some section or other. We seem to have no tolerance for any contrarion view point and we immediately attack people. We seem to be spending too much time on scandals – thanks to our media who appear to flourish on every sensational episode, only to forget in short time. This seems to be true in politics, business and spiritualism.
Of late, there seems to be some kind of war against spiritualism and spiritual people in our country. Naturally, many of them flee our country to take refuge in foreign land where they receive better following. We wouldn’t have understood Lord Krishna or Lord Rama or Arjuna or even Lord Jesus or Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon Him) if they were alive today amongst us. We also do not seem to have a true understanding of scriptures and we fight over them.
We believe only what we can see and what we cannot see does not exist in our view. But the reality is ‘objects exist only when we notice’ according to Quantum Physics. We know very little about spiritualism and let us not come to hasty conclusions about spiritual people. Ultimately, let people decide what they want to do with their Gurus and Godmen. When people find they are being taken for a ride, automatically they will desert those places, only to go somewhere else. People somehow seem to need places to go to find happiness and peace. This appears to be the eternal reality.
Lot of good things happen in many places in India and around the world and let us pay our attention to them – they deserve our attention.