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Sunday, July 27, 2014

There is a child in every person.

There is a child in every person.

I am no exception. A few days back, I made something with lego pieces, to keep company with my granddaughter. My grandson liked it so much seeing it, when he returned from his school in the evening.

“Can you build something bigger for me tomorrow?” he asked me.

Could I refuse?

I became a child the next day, again. My imagination ran riot. It was so engrossing. It was total meditation.

I learnt once again that meditation is not just about sitting in a place, closing eyes and keep watching our breath alone. Meditation is to BE with whatever you are DOING without any other THOUGHTS. I had experienced this unique feeling when I have cut vegetables, cooked food, washed vessels in the kitchen, read a book, and even looked into Facebook.

People complain that I have a single track mind. I realize that I am not a multi-tasker. But I AM with Everything that I DO without other THOUGHTS, without I’s presence in those moments.

Here is what the outcome of my grandson’s request. I was happy to see my grandson looking at my CREATION in great awe, that evening.

Are we all not CREATORS?”

T N Neelakantan

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