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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LONELY - My new novel just published - Chapter 5

I have already published three of my books through

"LONELY," my new novel is just self-published in I have ordered my first copy from and awaiting delivery.

I intend blogging the first few sample chapters of the novel for everyone to read. Every alternate day, a new chapter will be released through my blog. Avid readers may please read and send me their comments.

I would appreciate if readers can indicate their preference about using their comments as part of the book

Readers who are interested in reading the entire novel may look for it, at The entire sale proceeds from all my books go to support the charitable and social activities of our L.N.Charitable Trust. The Trust focuses its efforts on Training and Development of Youth. For more details, you may look at

Here you go with the chapter 5.......


A fortnight passed by. Gopi visited the Mani Shankar’s place more often, taking time off from the restaurant. He didn’t seem to mind anymore. Apparently, his interest in Sharmilee was growing. Sharmilee too responded, acknowledging his presence every time. She laughed too, when Gopi cracked some jokes, whatever she understood from them.
“I must take her to a good doctor.” 
“You must go to Haridwar or Roorke,” Gopi suggested. “I can help you with a few contacts. They may help you,” he volunteered further.
Everything changed one day. Sharmilee had vomited in the morning and fainted. Savithri Devi, the old lady in the lodge had now become very understanding and rushed in to help. Her initial apprehensions had now disappeared. She held Sharmilee’s hand and felt her pulse. She arched her brows, with concern. She suspected what it could be.
She pulled Mani Shankar aside and whispered to him, “You must take her to a lady doctor. I suspect something more serious.” She didn’t elaborate. Sharmilee was resting in her room.
“Do you know anyone?”
She didn’t.
Mani Shankar telephoned to Gopi.
“Give me some time. I shall find one and bring her over there.”
In the next about an hour, he came in a taxi, accompanied by a lady who looked like a doctor. The lady examined Sharmilee, who had regained her consciousness and was feeling better.
‘She is a midwife,’ Gopi commented on the sidelines.
When the lady came out, she confirmed, “Yes, the girl is pregnant. May be a couple of months into it! She doesn’t seem to know anything. How do you connect with her?”
Mani Shankar briefly told her about Sharmilee. “She was on the streets. Some army men seemed to have done this mischief. What should we do now? Sharmilee is not in a mental state to determine many things on her own. She is still a child, mentally. Only her body had grown up.”
Mani Shankar was now really worried, while Gopi was rudely shocked.
“There is a primary health care center here, but no regular doctors. Try there, if you are lucky. Otherwise, you may have to go to Haridwar only,” the lady declared. “I am a midwife and I can take care of the child delivery, when it comes to that. I have helped several women here for their child delivery.”
Mani Shankar thanked the lady and Gopi took her back to her place. Before leaving, she suggested a few homemade remedies for Sharmilee. Savithri Devi appeared to be familiar with what was required to be done.
Mani Shankar had to seriously think and make decisions. He missed Gowri and her sane counseling.
‘Am I getting into more trouble?’
“You must go the police,” Savithri Devi said. She was already apprehensive of trouble for her, obviously.
“It is worse than not doing anything at all,” shot back Mani Shankar. “Leave it to me, please. I shall take the entire responsibility for Sharmilee.”


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