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Monday, February 16, 2015


I was doing some research into the life stories of some of the prominent personalities who offer great insight into the secrets of Self Development.

Incidentally, I landed on a story published in Yahoo Cricket about 'Kutraleeswaran, India's forgotten swimming sensation.'

What a great inspiring story! During the year 1994, when he was only 13, he swam across six sea channels, including Pak Strait and English Channel, beating the 30 year old earlier unbroken record of crossing 5 channels in the same year set by Mihir Sen. He also declined an offer of superior training facilities by Italy if only he agreed to represent them in the next Olympics. Unfortunately, he didn't get continuous support for his swimming career in India and he finally gave up swimming for his studies. He seems to be working in U.S.A currently.

In one of my earlier blogs reviewing the progress of sports in India, written in Tamil, I noted that during the year 2014 India had made considerable all round progress in sports. Big sponsors are slowly discovering value for their investments in sports like football, hockey and tennis too, Earlier, Cricket alone attracted investments, rewards and crowds. Things are definitely changing. I only hope that the shattered dream of Kutraleeswaran doesn't happen to other sports persons too in the days to come.

I understand that the other unfortunate part is the professional life of a sports person is limited generally to only 3 to 4 years and that they lack the long term support for their productive stay in sports. They would need a long career support in order to sustain their interest in sports.

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