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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pre-release of my stories from my forthcoming book of short stories

Dear FB friends:

I have successfully written and self-published four of my books. Two of them are collections of short stories and the other two are novels. My short stories have the basic objective of reaching young readers from middle school upwards, towards helping them develop their personality for their success in life. I have embarked upon my third book of short stories and I would like to release some of my stories, to get readers’ views and opinions.

I know reading as a habit has not died completely and there are still avid readers everywhere. I look to them to help me refine my writing by offering their comments on my stories. This would also help my stories become purposeful towards the objective I have in my mind.

The themes I have currently chosen for my book are:
        1.       It is all about your attitude
        2.       It is all about your beliefs
        3.       It is all about the choices you make
        4.       It is all about your determination
        5.       It is all about your self-esteem
        6.       It is all about your strengths
        7.       It is all about your energy and enthusiasm
        8.       It is all about your vision
        9.       It is all about what you love to do
       10.   It is all about your awareness
       11.   It is all about your perceptions
       12.   It is all about your dreams

The target readers for the new set of stories are students of higher secondary schools and colleges, though every youngster can read them and be benefitted.

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