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Saturday, July 16, 2016

My hobbies: Drawing

During my college days, challenged by a neighborly loving friend, wanting to demonstrate that nothing was impossible, I took to drawing pencil sketches, though I had absolutely no prior experience of drawing.  I sat with a small rough paper and a pencil and drew a picture of a girl I saw in some Tamil Magazine. Since then, I added drawing to my hobbies and drew several more pictures, modeling the pictures I saw in several magazines. The famous Artist, Sri Jeyaraj, a friend of mine those days during the early 1980's was another source of inspiration to me. I was one of his ardent fans. One day, I visited him at his house, in Chetput, and he gladly taught me how to draw human figures. I had preserved many of my pictures, since then, for over fifty years, till now. Some of the pictures came very well and some of them, ashamedly poor. However, like it happened with my playing musical instruments, I couldn't continue my hobby of drawing too, in later years. I still continue to be a jack of all trade, but a master of none. Here is the first ever picture I drew. I thank and pray for the friend who inspired me into drawing as a hobby. 

(Below is one of the other pictures, Shri Jeyaraj demonstrated to me. I was stunned at how easily the figures sprang from his fingers)

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