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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Remembering my Teachers

On this Teachers' Day, I fondly remember my high school mathematics teacher (late) Sri Jesumani at Schaffter High School, Tirunelveli during 1962-63. He was strict and was a terror for most students. Yet, he had another side to his personality. He had taken me along with a couple of my co-students along the banks of Nainar Kulam tank in Tirunelveli Town almost every day before our school final exam to train us for the exam, doing a lot of mental mathematics. He worked hard for our success without any other expectations from us. May God bless his soul! I still remember the terrible blow I received on my back when I declared as soon as I came out of our maths public exam that I wouldn't be scoring a hundred in maths. He had so much faith and expectations from me and the other two friends, and I felt sorry to have disappointed him. I got only 95% in maths and a total of only 419 out of 600, standing the third in the school and district.

I would be failing in my duty if I don't thank my dear classmate and friend, Madhavan Yegnanarayanan, who was a kind of teacher to me, solving some of the tough problems whenever I had approached him. Some 5 years later, he was chiefly instrumental in motivating me to join St. Joseph's College, Tiruchi for my M. Sc. A great friend!

On this occasion, I also fondly remember with gratitude the great help I received from late Sri Vedasironmani, the then Principal of St. John's College, Palayamkottai for the excellent support and encouragement I received from him while studying B. Sc. There was another lecturer Sri P Subramanian and Sri Seetharaman from the same college for their financial help during my M. Sc at St. Joseph's. Incidentally, they were both our close family friends.

Finally, I also owe my gratitude to late Rev. Fr. Casimir, the Head of the Department of Chemistry and the Rector of St. Joseph's College, Tiruchi, but for whose support I won't be carrying my M. Sc degree behind my name. I also owe my gratitude to Rev. Fr. Irudayaraj of the same college for the excellent support and patronage I received in St. Joseph's at New Hostel. Incidentally, I should thank Mr. Nambi, a lecturer in the same college for his kindness and affection he had shown to me.

I had mentioned the names of a few people who had personally helped me during my studies. Yet, I can't forget the role played by several other teachers and lecturers who had shaped my interests and I thank all of them.

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