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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why was I missing from my blog for the past few months?

Some of you, who had been following me on my blog could be wondering why I had not been seen in my blog during the last few months. My last post was on 23rd August, 2018 on the day I was leaving USA to India, yet another time.

I had been noticing that on an average, about 50 to 60 page views were there for every one of my posts to my blog in the past. However, what I missed was the views/criticisms/comments from those who read my blogs – even though, I have allowed comments to my posts to my blog. I still wonder whether really people read my blog, and if so, why there are no comments from any of them.

That shifted my focus to Facebook, where I know how many viewers like my posts, how many comment on my post, and what their views are on my posts.

A writer feels motivated when he sees response to his writings – either in the form of sale of his or her book or acceptance of an article for publication or comments/mails from the readers. In the absence of them, there is very little motivation to write.

So, I would exhort all those who follow my blog and read my posts to offer their comments so that I know how I am being rated by my readers.

Nevertheless, there were a few personal issues that demanded my personal attention and they didn’t allow me to spend sizeable chunk of my time on my writing. I am sure things would improve in the near future so that I am able to devote more time to writing.

So, please tell me what you feel about what I write and post in my blog.

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