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Friday, October 18, 2013

Excerpts from my "Short Stories for Success for Young Readers: A New Lexicon Unfolded"

D for Determination

Kamala teacher was again pleasantly surprised when, along with Brinda, a few more children too had moved to the front bench.

“Yes teacher. We decided to move forward to the front row from today onwards.”
“It is really quite encouraging to note that you chose to move forward. But let me tell you something more. Just making a choice is not going to be enough. You need to be determined about moving forward all the time. You need to be devoted to what you deeply desire to have. Do you know what the great Emperor Narasimha Pallava did?”

“The dynasty of Pallava emperors ruled the Southern States of our country during the 2nd to 9th Centuries. Mahendravarma Pallava was one of the most renowned emperors of Pallava dynasty during the 7th Century. He was greatly into arts, especially rock-cut temple architecture. Mahendravarma Pallava’s rule was marked by peace and tranquility, with no aggression, ever since he became the emperor after defeating his other enemy Pallava kings and other kings from other dynasties. His son Narasimhavarma Pallava was a great wrestler and was popularly addressed as ‘Mamallan’. Narasimhavarma was very much devoted to his father Mahendravarma Pallava. They ruled high with Kancheepuram as their Capital.

Pulikesin II of Chalukya Dynasty was another powerful king from North and ruled from Vatapi (Badami now) as Capital. He invaded the kingdom of Pallavas with the intention of capturing Kancheepuram and expanding his kingdom. Though Mahdendravarma Pallava succeeded in defending Kancheepuram, he was defeated at several places by Pulikesin and he lost substantial territory in Northern areas of his kingdom. He also died as an aftermath of the war. This led to a long conflict between Chalukyas and Pallavas.

After several years Pulikesin II once again attempted to seize the Pallava Capital, having failed in his earlier attempt. This time Narasimha Pallava was at the reigns of the Pallava kingdom and he was waiting for an opportunity to avenge his father’s defeat. During all these long years, Narasimha Pallava was carefully strengthening his army and preparing for an eventual war with Pulikesin II. He defeated Pulikesin II in several battles including the one at Manimangalam, close to Kancheepuram. He was determined to restore his kingdom’s prestige. He went after Pulikesin, invaded Vatapi and successfully defeated the Chalukya king. On his successful return, he was given the Tamil title: ‘Vatapikondan’. He also completed several unfinished rock-cut temple projects launched by his father. Today, Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram, with its rock temples, stands as one of the world heritage sites.”



  1. All the stories are excellent.

  2. The book was very interesting.The collection of stories and histoical events are very good