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Monday, October 14, 2013

Remembering the fallen banyan tree at Courtallam - Tenkasi - Ilanji road

I love banyan trees. I believe they are symbols of strength and stability. They provide shelter. I read many historical figures of ancient India had slept under the banyan trees. One may find plenty of banyan trees in and around Courtallam, Shencottai and Tenkasi. A year back, while I was driving back home from Shencottai through Ilanji, I took pictures of a few banyan trees and wondered how long these trees would last and whether the greenery of Courtallam and Shencottai would ever be maintained in the years to come. I hear it might take many years before a banyan tree can grow into a full fledged tree.

Just a couple of days back, I was driving back through the same route and I was very sad to see one of the banyan trees felled as I heard that it became aged and broke off from its base. Will people ever plant a few more saplings to replace the aging banyan trees?

Urbanization is taking a heavy toll on the greeneries everywhere, notably Shencottai, Courtallam and Tenkasi. Many beautiful scenic spots are disappearing one after another.
                                                                  The pictures then:

The picture now:

I invite people who are good at writing poetry to write a few lines on banyan trees. You may write in Tamil too.

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