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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thisradwani Music Trust, Madurai

Thisradwani Music Trust, founded by the family of Dr. Sri Madurai K. Thiagarajan, held their Second Music Festival on Sunday, the 17th November, 2014 at Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce Auditorium, Madurai.

Dr. Sri Madurai K. Thiagarajan is the Assistant Professor, Mridangam in Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalaya Music College, Madurai and is responsible for developing a number of leading students in mridangam. The function also commemorated Dr.Thiagarajan for his 35 years of service to Music, especially Mridangam, by organizing a music program performed by his 35 mridangam student artists, playing the seven ‘talas’ of ‘chatusrajathi’ – five artists in each group – each tala played after the artists recited orally the ‘konnakol,’ a traditional learning method, adhered strictly by Sri Thiagarajan. It was a wonderful performance by his students. Our Tributes to Dr.Sri Madurai K. Thiagarajan for organizing this wonderful program!

The program also saw the release of four audio, video CDs – one for 35 Tala Mohara arrangement, the second for a solo violin performance by Madhurakalamani Sri D.Sachidanandam, the third, a unique Simhanandhana Tala Pallavi rendering by Smt.Ranganayaki Sachidanandam and the fourth, vocal music practice lessons by Smt.Ranganayaki Sachidanandam. All very useful CDs. Very interesting too, especially the Simhanandhana Tala Pallavi CD!

Incidentally, we learn that Sri Sachidanandam and Smt.Ranganayaki are honorary trustees of Thisradwani.

The function was organized well. I think, probably, it was one of the very few Carnatic music functions that saw the huge hall completely filled up. It speaks volumes about the popularity of Sri Thiagarajan and the recognition accorded to him by Madurai people, for his 35 years of service in the field of music.

We are very proud to be associated with Dr. Sri Madurai K Thiagarajan and we look to him as our Chief Patron for our SAKTHIY MUSIC ACADEMY,  a wing of our L.N.Charitable Trust, Melagaram, Tenkasi. One of his students, Selvan P.Gopinath is our mridangam teacher, teaching about 45 students including those in Ayikudi. We thank Sri Thiagarajan for his continuous support and guidance and look forward to seeing him on Saturday, the 3rd January, 2015 during the Third Anniversary Celebrations of our SAKTHIY MUSIC ACADEMY.

We are very happy that our mridangam teacher, Selvan Gopinath and our relative, Sudharsan Sivaraman, took part in the performances. One may view the video of Selvan’s performance on YouTube by searching under ‘Melagaram videos.’. One may view the video of Selvan Sudharsan’s performance on my Facebook page.

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