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Saturday, November 29, 2014

My published books

There had been several friendly phone calls and e-mails, from my well-wishers, my blog readers and my Facebook friends during the last couple of months, about my writings. Generally, they have appreciated my writing and commended me for my simple style writing, my narrative that invariably takes them back to their own personal experiences in life, simplicity of my language and my captivating, inspiring and motivating story lines. I thank all those readers and well wishers for their comments.

A few of them had asked me where they could buy my books. I had only inserted a few excerpts from my books, in my blog and linked them to my Facebook/Twitter/Indiblogger accounts. In my blog, I had also hyperlinked the web page where they can buy my books. Because, the query still persists, I give below the list of books I have authored and published and the source where it can be bought.

And, just to let you know, all sale proceeds from my books go to our family charitable trust L.N.Charitable Trust and used for social and charitable activities of our Trust, though all development and printing costs are mine. Our Trust had been carrying on a variety of activities that focus, either directly or indirectly, on YOUTH DEVELOPMENT.

So, here is the list:

1. Short Stories for Young Readers - Book 1 - Available as a kindle e-version book on  Print copies are available with me only. This book contains 7 motivating short stories, ideally suited for young readers and students of Class 7 and above.

2. Short Stories for Success for Young Readers: A New Lexicon Unfolded - Available as a Kindle e-version book on Print copies are available only with me. This book contains 26 short stories to represent a trait/character for each alphabet in English language, to help young readers realize how certain characters help an individual to succeed in life. This book is ideal for students of class 6 and above and for all young readers regardless of age.

Readers who want to buy print copies of my above two books may place the order by e-mail at: The books can be sent by VPP. The price of each copy of the book is Rs.100 plus postages. If a reader orders for both the books or more than one copy of the same book, there will be a 10% discount. Further discounts will be allowed on bulk orders.

3. What If Our Dreams Come True!An Uncommon Meeting with Lord Siva - A novel available only in Kindle e-version (as of now) on This is a captivating novel about a youngster, who grows in stature, with life and accomplishes something unique in seven different places along the river Tamirabarani, where Lord Siva is the ruling deity. A MUST READ BOOK! Price Rs.300/-

4. LONELY - a novel self published on the Print-on-Demand platform offered by One can order the print copies with and one can order for as many copies as they want. (One can easily search Google for this book by typing: "LONELY on")

The web pages where the books can be purchased are hyperlinked for easy reference for interested readers. 

Please buy the books, enjoy reading, send your comments. If you like reading my books, please recommend it for reading, to your friends and relatives. Indirectly, you will also be supporting our efforts in our activities towards youth development.

Thanks, in anticipation.


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