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Monday, February 19, 2018

Great Rann of Kutch:

Usually, when we think of a desert the picture of huge sand dunes comes to our mind. We must have seen in several movies too. Unlike those sandy deserts, the Rann of Kutch (Rann means desert) is a salt marsh, forming part of Thar Desert in Kutch region. It is one of the famous salt deserts. We had collected a handful of raw salt from the Rann as a memoir.
A roadside restaurant with all amenities

On the way to Bhuj
In Great Rann, on the first day at Bhuj we saw Bhuj Museum, Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal and Bhartiya Sanskriti Darshan Exhibition and Cenatophs of Royal Family.
In front of Bhuj Museum

In front of Bhuj Museium
Aina Mahal is an 18th Century palace, built by Rao Lakhpat ji in 1761. Its wall are of white marble covered with mirrors separated by gilded ornaments with shades of venetian glass.  A part of the palace was damaged during the earthquake of 2001. Other portions had since been restored.

Prag Mahal is adjacent to Aina Mahal and named after Rao Pragmal ji, who had commissioned the project in 1865. The palace is designed in Italian Gothic style. It was completed in 1879 during the time of Khengar ji, Pragmalji’s son, costing 3.2 million Indian rupees. We had taken a number of pictures in Prag Mahal and also climbed the tall bell tower through very narrow staircase and steps. The view from above the palace is magnificent.
Inside Pragmahal

The dilapidated part of Pragmahal

Some collections inside Pragmahal

From the Bell Tower

From the Bell Tower, Pragmahal
Some handicraft items outside Pragmahal for sale

Bhartiya Sanskriti Darshan Exhibition is a museum, housing the personal collections of heritage articles of paintings, textiles, arts, and crafts by Late Shri Ramsinh ji K. Rathod, who was also an author of several books.

Swami Narain Mandir, Bhuj

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