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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

15.02.18 - My thoughts, aspirations, and my writings

A few years back, I wrote a book under the title: WHAT IF OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! AN UNCOMMON MEETING WITH LORD SIVA. I worked hard for nearly two years to write this book. One of my readers had commented that she wondered whether several portions of this book were works of fiction or history. I poured out all my personal aspirations and dreams for our country in this book. To mention a few:
·         Building check dams, instead of mammoth water dams, across several rivers. I had read a number of reports about the great advantages of check dams and the negative impacts of large water reservoirs.
·         Eradicating begging, especially, child begging
·         Developing Sports as a Movement in India. With a little more than 125 crores of people our record of producing able sportspersons is abysmal. With very poor nourishment in what we eat and with a lack of sufficient physical activities and exercising, no wonder, our people become susceptible to all kinds of viruses and diseases.
·         Preventing the wealth of our ancient temples being swindled by recklessly selfish people, recovering the usurped properties, and restoring their self-management.
·         Restoring the true autonomy of grass-root administration at the village panchayats. A true Swarajya as envisaged by Gandhi ji.
·         Development of our waterways and our coasts as national highways for economical transport of goods.
·         A true integration of all communities into the mainstream, with only one identity as an Indian.
·         Above all, leading a truly conscious life. I believe, most people including me, lead a life of automatic and preconditioned responses to our life circumstances rather than leading a proactive, conscious life. Leading a conscious life is a pre-requisite to peace, happiness, and prosperity. In order for all the above aspirations to fructify we need to lead a conscious life.

These aspirations and dreams found their expressions in my above novel. I believe it is a great novel written with noble intentions. The book is available on (

Let me continue my thoughts tomorrow too…

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