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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How do I understand the word “RICH”

Generally, we associate ‘Richness’ with material things only. Money. Cash. Land. Property. Assets. Jewelry. Many more. Unfortunately, experience has shown us time and again that material richness alone has failed to promote a feeling of fulfillment in people. It has rather induced a constant craving for more and more, with no end in sight. Many who could be termed filthily rich had ended up very unhappy in life, never finding satisfaction with what they have acquired. This is not to say, material fulfillment is not required. They are needed for our physical comforts and survival. One needs enough money to live decently.

But, richness has to include:
  • v  Good health
  • v  Energy and enthusiasm
  • v  A healthy attitude to life
  • v  Happiness and cheerful disposition
  • v  A feeling of well-being
  • v  Emotional stability
  • v  Peace
  • v  Fulfilling relationship
  • v  Appreciation for the nature and all aspects of creation
  • v  Creativity and Imagination
  • v  Freedom
  • v  Gratitude
  • v  Generosity
  • v  Compassion towards fellow living things
  • v  Acceptance
  • v  Nonjudgmental nature
  • v  Companionship
  • v  Culture and heritage
  • v  An ability to forgive and seek forgiveness
  • v  Faith and many more

Rather, the real feeling of richness comes more from the non-material things than from the material. I am only echoing the writings of Dr. Deepak Chopra, the renowned spiritualist and medical professional from U.S.A. I am one of his ardent fans and his writings have inspired me greatly. Over time, I have come to truly believe in the richness coming from non-material things.

Besides, in order to enjoy the material richness, one needs the non-material aspects of richness. You need peace of mind to enjoy what you have. You need to have good health to enjoy the comforts of life. You need energy and enthusiasm to experience the luxuries you may have. Many, who weren’t materialistically rich, had found greater fulfillment in life than those who were materialistically rich.


  1. Yes, indeed... to be truly rich is to reach out to as many aspects from the list in this post as possible. The I-have-money-therefore-I-am-rich logic skims the surface and is like the feeling of warmth because of peripheral vaso-dilatation when a person takes an alcoholic beverage.

    Arvind Passey

  2. Interesting take on the word RICH !