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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A message to my FB friends on my new e-Book: "I want to Know about........ India, its States and Cities

Dear FB friends:
I have conceived and completed the first draft of Volume 1 of my new e-book for children titled: "I want to know about......India and its cities". The book will be of 5 volumes and the Volume 1 is ready tentatively, subject to changes based on the feedback I receive from my well-wishers. I believe, the book can give an overview of some of the essential things children might need to know about India and its cities. The book will be appropriate for Grade 1 - 3for the NRI children and Standard 3-6 for children studying in English medium in India. The book, for the time being, is designed in the PowerPoint Slide Show and would be uploaded to my website or the site of E-book publishers later. I would like to get feedback from my FB friends on the book. Those who are serious about doing a critical book review may please write to me and the first ten requests would receive the file on their e-mail id. I look forward to your support to my mission to do what I can for the children and youth of India and Indian origin. Thanking you all in anticipation.
T N Neelakantan
Author: 1) Short Stories for Young Readers - Book 1
2) Short Stories for Success for Young Readers: A New
Lexicon Unfolded
3) Short Stories for Young Readers - For Personality
Development - Book 1
4) What, If Our Dreams Come True! An Uncommon
Meeting with Lord Siva (A Novel)
5) Lonely ( A Novel)

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