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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What I found in my laptop!

While going through several files in my laptop I chanced upon a piece of my writing intended to be an Epilogue for my novel: WHAT, IF OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! AN UNCOMMON MEETING WITH LORD SIVA" but failed to appear in my novel in the end pages. I found it interesting and thought I should share it with my friends. Here is the intended Epilogue:


Author’s note

Now that I concluded this novel, looking back, I wondered who the real hero of this book was. When I started this novel I presumed that the narrator would be the hero. But as the story progressed and got completed I realized that it was Lord Siva who was the hero. HE makes things happen. He was the Doer, He was the Done and He was the process called the Doing. The narrator was just a tool in the process – one of the several characters in HIS drama.

Dreams too come true! We all wish things to be different. We all have idealistic dreams, but very rarely we draw courage to bring them to reality. But history is also full of instances of people who dreamed and also brought them to reality. Gandhi Ji, Abraham Lincoln, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, to name only a few.

“Dream!” was one of the very powerful messages from our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. “We can make it!” was another powerful message from Mr. Barak Obama, the President of the United States of America.

We have to only know that it is He who makes everything possible. We have to only take the first step about our intentions, about what we deeply desire, and about what we truly dream.

“Do your duty. Do not develop attachment to the results. I provide the results.” is another powerful message from Bhagavad Gita.

Lord appears before all of us, all the time. Maybe some innocuous statement in a newspaper, a TV show, a stranger, a relative, an object, an obstacle and so on. They are all his messengers. HIS forms are so many, including his messengers. We have to only take notice. He is constantly with us All the Time, in All Ways, Always.

“Yadhaa Yadhaa hi Dharmasya Glaanir Bhavathi Bhaaratha
Abhyudhdhaanam adharmasya tadhaatmaanam Srijaamyaham
Paritranaaya Saadhoonam Vinaashaaya Cha dushkruthaam
Dharmasamsthaapanaarthaaya Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge!!”                      
-          Bhagavad Gita

Whenever dharma declines, O Bharat (Arjun), and the purpose of life is forgotten, I will manifest myself!
I am born in every age (yuga) to protect the good, to destroy the evil and establish dharma
-          Bhagavad Gita

I started this book sometime in March 2011, and just when I completed it during December 2012, I happened to be in Tirunelveli, visiting our family temple. Suddenly, I thought, ‘Why not I drive to Chepparai?’

Chepparai, on the banks of the river Tamirabarani, is very close to Tirunelveli. Lord Siva had arisen here as Lord Nellaiappar. Tamira Sabhai, one of the five important abodes of Lord Siva is located here. Lord Siva assumes the form of Dancing Nataraja – the Cosmic Dancer, in all these five places. Cosmic Dance right from the day of the Big Bang, as far as we know now. Rolling, revolving, rotating, spreading, contracting, diminishing, crashing, speeding, collapsing, shining, shimmering, appearing, disappearing, deluding, frightening, soothing, storming, thundering, lightning, twinkling, causing, preserving, destroying, growing, dying – all different dancing postures of Lord Nataraja.  A great Maya! A great delusion!

The annual Arudra Darshan festival was only a couple of days ahead. It was during the Tamil Margazhi month (usually December). The temple was in a festive mood and looked renovated for the festival.

By Providence, as I just stepped into the temple, Lord Nataraja was being taken on a procession on a palanquin and in the process, the palanquin bearers were dancing along with the Utsava Moorthi of Lord Nataraja placed on the palanquin – moving forward and backward, left and right, gently and speedily, rocking the palanquin.  It looked to me as though Lord Nataraja Himself was dancing in all His Bliss. I went into an exalted state instantly, tears flowing down my eyes.

‘O Lord Nataraja! You brought me here! You inspired me to write a novel about You! It is You who wrote this book about Yourself! Thank you so much!’

‘You are again dividing and discriminating. Why don’t you say for once, ‘I wrote That. I am That. I am the Cause and I am the Effect.’ Lord Siva seemed to answer.

I sat for several minutes and meditated before HIM on what HE told me, ‘I am That. I am the Cause and I am the Effect. I wrote That.’

‘Aham Brahmasmi.’ : I Am the Brahman
‘Tat Tvam Asi’: You Are That
‘Ayam Atma Brahma’: My Soul is Brahman
Om Shanti!Shanti!Shanti!: Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!



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