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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

"Hornet Flight" by Ken Follette

Just finished reading Ken Follett’s HORNET FLIGHT. (2002)

The story centers round the World War II, during 1941, the low point of the war. England throws wave after wave of RAF bombers across the English Channel, but somehow the Luftwaffe, the Nazi Germany’s Air Force is able to shoot them all down at will.

On a small Danish island across the North Sea, a bright eighteen-year-old boy with a talent for engineering, stumbles upon a secret German installation.

With England preparing itself for its largest aerial attack on Germany, they are looking frantically to find out the secret about Germany’s capability to guess England’s air attack in advance.

How the Danish teenager’s discovery is connected with the ultimate success of England’s war effort against Germany is the crux of the story.

When I started reading the book, initially I felt the story was dragging. However, as I kept reading the novel it began engrossing me all through, till the final page.

The story is a suspenseful depiction of what a teenager can accomplish despite all odds.

One appreciable feature about many English novels is that a lot of research goes into while writing them and this book is not an exception. (I had tried to emulate this practice while writing my novel: WHAT IF OUR DREAMS COMETRUE! I had traveled to several towns and villages along the banks of the River Tamirabarani, and I had read a number of books, reports, blogs, websites about the river and its plains, while writing this novel.) There are elaborate descriptions about the Hornet Moth plane of those years and about how the flight could be repaired and operated by someone who has sufficient inquisitiveness about the engineering aspects of an air-plane. I had continuously visualized every scene clearly as I kept reading the book.

The broad descriptions about Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and its islands kindles in me an interest to visit places like Denmark, Sweden and Norway. During the earlier years, reading Dan Brown’s INFERNO spurted a sudden interest in me to visit Florence in Italy, and eventually, in the next few months during early 2013, I landed in Italy on my way from India to USA. I had a wonderful eight days sight-seeing trip inItaly hopping from Rome to Naples, to Florence, to Venice and back to Rome. Let me hope, I get to visit Denmark too, soon.

Overall, quite a captivating novel by Ken Follett.
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